Aja Woodby

IMG_3017Aja  (“AjaBLU”), Owner, Operator and Senior Stylist has over 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetology. She has worked in Maryland as a licensed professional cosmetologist for over 16 years. Through hard work and dedication, she has created a large client following during her many years in the industry. Her work has been published in several hair styling and cosmetic magazines. She has also worked as a Senior Cosmetology Instructor for Prince Georges County Public Schools. She has prepared several aspiring individuals to become licensed cosmetology professionals, teaching 11th and 12th graders the fundamentals which are essential to building a rewarding cosmetology career. She is forever committed to sharing her talents and knowledge in all aspects of the art and science of cosmetology and believes that in an industry that is forever evolving, consistently continuing her education will serve as a key component to offering each individual client with their “B.L.U. (Best Look Uncovered) Experience.” 


Delrita Coates

IMG_2974Delrita (“The Hair Therapist”) is a licensed, professional cosmetologist, specializing in innovative hair cuts, custom color application, healthy hair care and cutting edge extension services. With over fifteen years of training and experience in the field of cosmetology, Delrita remains consistently abreast to the forever evolving nature that products and hairstyling trends can produce. Ms. Coates continues to further her education assuring her clientele quality service as well as true product knowledge. She was afforded the opportunity to instruct at Marcella Ellis’s School of Cosmetic Arts. There, she educated students about natural hair care and various hair extension techniques. Delrita is a committed educator and consistent learner through out the cosmetology industry.  


Sara Boyd

IMG_4067Sara Boyd is a Maryland/Washington, DC based makeup artist with over 5 years of experience specializing in special occasion, bridal, and photo studio makeup. With her brushes, palettes, and expertise, she is invariably eager to bring your natural beauty to life.
With a growing passion to better her craft, Sara made a commitment to cosmetics and enrolled in Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Ft. Lauderdale after receiving her undergraduate degree. She received a hands-on experience at Cosmix, learning a variety of makeup application techniques and products.
Sara further improved her skills while gaining professional experience working at MAC Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills over two years. Her makeup process creates a blossoming and beautiful appearance while also maintaining care for the health and cleanliness of the skin. Sara now freelances and is available for flawless face appointments.  



Chanae Jones

Chanaé is a self taught Master Henna Artist of 9 years who specializes in modern henna designs, as well as Bridal Mehndi. Always a creative at heart with a mind in business, Chaé owns and operates Le Strassed Chae: a full body adornment collection of jewelry and henna artistry for the empowered woman. She is educated in the cultural and social history of henna and works with the finest grade of Jamilia, Raj, or Jagua enhanced natural henna that is organically derived and free of dangerous chemicals – which means it is 100% safe for her clients. This dedication to high quality henna and a skilled technique results in beautiful burgundy, maroon, or near-black henna stains (depending on the clients desired color preference) that last up to 2 weeks. Whether you’d like Henna to adorn for your wedding, birthday, pregnancy shoots/parties, or just for every day, Chaé has you covered. Pun intended.

Shauna Wright

unnamed (38) Shauna (Nails Done Wright) Wright is a Maryland transplant, originally from Lynchburg Virginia. The health and artistry of nail care became her passion about two years ago and as  result, she decided to go to school to receive her license as a professional Nail Technician in 2013. Shauna is very passionate about nail care and she is dedicated to continued education and researching the latest techniques and trends. Shauna believes that focusing on the natural nail is essential to the success of any nail service requested. She’s passionate about making both men and woman feel confident and beautiful through the reflection of their nails. 

Rachel Agyepong

Rachel (“Rachel Rae”) Agyepong is a certified teeth whitening technician and trained dental professional with over 6 years of experience in the dental industry. She is dedicated in continuing her education in Esthetics and beauty. She provides the best material for her clients which means all products are 100% safe and FDA approved. Whether you’re looking to get rid of coffee, wine stains or just normal wear and tear cosmetic teeth whitening treatments can restore your smile. Achieve up to 3-12 shades brighter in just one treatment (less than an hour). Rachel’s skill and technique speaks for itself and she is passionate in making men and women feel confident about their smile. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Rachel also owns and operates Fierce Silhouette LLC; a shapewear/fitness and beauty boutique that provides top quality shapewear, intimates and beauty products for women.

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