Are you looking for a new protective style, you want to change your look for the season, or is it just time to have your Best Look Uncovered? Congratulations!!!! The BLU Hair Collection has arrived.


AjaBLU Salon & Studio is a high-end Virgin Hair Extensions provider. Our gorgeous Virgin Remy Hair is grade 7a which means it is 100% guaranteed Virgin Remy Hair that has not been processed and will last for several installments. The BLU Hair Collection is top quality with no shedding and no tangles. Our hair comes in a natural black/brown color (1b) and can be colored jet black or lightened to a custom color of your choice. Contact any Team BLU (Best Look Uncovered) stylist for your custom color pricing. The textures we have available are Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Kinky Curly and Straight. Because our hair is sold at 3.5 to 4 ounces a bundle, the longer the length of your choice, the more bundles you may need to purchase to complete a full head installation. These textures can be straightened or worn in its natural state.  Exchanges are excepted ONLY if the seal on the packaging has not been broken.  Absolutely NO refunds!


Don’t see what you’re looking for . . . feel free to email  us at with your request.  Additionally, post, tag and/or mention the BLU Hair Collection and/or any Team BLU member on social media and tag us on it to receive $10 off your installation here at AjaBLU Salon & Studio.


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