Are You Really Natural?

I often see the debate of “you’re not really rocking your natural hair if you have color in it”. Well… we all know most people when referring  to their natural hair mean they don’t have a  sodium hydroxide relaxer which causes a  “chemical change” aka permanent change. Permanent color is also a  “chemical change” aka permanent change. Both chemicals alter the bonds of the hair shaft which means that  technically they are not completely natural if  they have either of these chemicals present on their hair. However I don’t have a problem with  a client/ person saying they’re natural but have  permanent  hair color because not all color visibly changes the texture of  the hair shaft or  the curl pattern. Which is of course what  people mean when they say they’re natural. Tricky, Tricky, Tricky. Furthermore if you sit in my chair and you don’t have a relaxer, I expect you to say your natural.  I hope this helps the natural haired bullies out there.  Why so quick to prove people wrong when discussing their own hair? RELAX!

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