Kids In The Salon

PLEASE READ AND RESPOND BELOW: First let me say children are always welcomed @ajablusalon However, please be considerate of other guests that come to the salon to relax and enjoy their personal time. Also, don’t be surprised if I treat your child like they’re mine if I see them get out of hand. ?. So I recently had a new client arrive at the salon for an appointment with four of her children. Long story short one kid is quietly looking at an iPad while another is standing in a dryer chair trying to fit into the hood of the dryer ?. Another kid is laying in the middle of the floor with her feet in the air causing other clients to walk around her and the last kid keeps running back and forth from the front of the salon to the back of the salon several time. The frustrated mother keeps telling the children to stop and behave but none listen. Those who really know me, what do you think I did?? What would you have done if you were in the salon while children were running a muck? Have you ever experienced something like this? #spillthetea #pleaseshare#whatwouldyoudo #kidsinthesalon#shoptalk #shoptalktuesday #letstalk#bestlookuncovered#ajablusalonandstudio #ajablusalon

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