Overproccesing Your Hair

Are you over processing your hair with relaxers? Okay listen up 👂🏽. If you wear a short cropped hair cut you have more leverage and more reason to relax your hair more often because with short styles (most of the time) we need our hair to behave and lay flat and we don’t have to worry about overprocessing because we keep it short anyway. However, if you have length to your hair and you would like to keep it that way, I recommend your touch up relaxers be applied at least 10 -12 weeks apart. And depending on your texture some can stretch their time even longer. Back in the day we would relax our hair every 4-8 weeks. But that was before we understood growth rate. The longer you wait to touch up your roots the better chance you have of applying the relaxer to just your new growth ONLY. When relaxer is applied to hair that has already been relaxed we began to break the hair down to a week state, resulting in thinning, breakage, and the inability for our hair to retain length. This has been the reason why so many have decided to go natural. But if it’s done the right way, your hair can be relaxed and healthy at the same time. I hope this helps 🤗. #blutip #bluhairtip #hairtip#healthyhairtip #relaxedhair#healthyrelaxedhair #healthyhair#overprocessedhair #hairblog #blog#blogger #hairblogger #beautyblog#beautyblogger #blackgirlbloggers#bestlookuncovered#ajablusalonandstudio #ajablusalon#ajablu

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