We Don’t Need To Hear Your Conversation!

PLEASE READ AND COMMENT BELOW👇🏽The salon is filled with people who come to relax. They come to have their own personal “me time” experience. Some people take naps under the dryer. Some read and telework while sitting under dryer. Some even watch tv and play games on their electronic devices. Most are careful not to disturb the patron next to them. BUT …… every now and then there’s some special person 🤨 in the salon that has no regard or consideration for anyone else around them. They’re either talking loudly on their phone or even worse they’re talking on speaker phone. FYI: if this is you, you’re rude! And if you’re a hairstylist that does this over your clients, you’re unprofessional!!! 🔊WHY DOES EVERYONE NEED TO HEAR YOUR CONVERSATION? Have you ever had this experience as a customer? Would you or did you say something? Let’s talk about it. #letstalk#shoptalk #shoptalktuesday#shoptalktuesdays #blushoptalk#beautyblog #blog #blogger#beautyblogger #hairblog #hairblogger#salonexperience #bestlookuncovered#dmvsalon #dmvhairsalon #dmvhairstylist#ajablusalon #ajablusalonandstudio

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